What To Feed Your Pet Piranha

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What should you feed your pet piranhas?

Not quite. The same as humans, you have to be sure that your piranhas eat a balanced diet to make sure they stay healthy. Feeding them table scratches (which happens often) is not suggested.

Piranha feeding is not extremely complicated. The red belly piranha for instance is a meat eater, so meat-like products ought to be a huge part of their diet. Nonetheless, you can not only feed them meat all the time. It’s important to switch with different kinds of food. Here’s a listing of piranha foods that have worked for me in the past and other popular suggestions I found on various forums:

You can purchase these in pre-made cubes from Wildlife Removal Houston TX which you keep in your freezer, or create your own.

* Small pieces of vegetable like celery, cucumbers and peas (some prefer the shell away, others ) can be a good addition to their diet.
* Pinkie mice.
* Live feeders.

Important – Please keep in mind that there’s a lot of debate around the previous one. Lots of people believe it is OK to feed live fish (minnows, tetras, etc.) to piranhas, but others feel that you shouldn’t do it. The principal reason is that live feeders are vulnerable to disease which can then be transferred to your piranhas. One way to aid with this matter is to quarantine the live feeders in a separate aquarium for a few weeks before introducing them to your piranhas. This will not completely eliminate the possibility of diseases, but it will help.

How often do I feed them?

This is a really good question. The general rule of thumb is that juvenile piranhas should be fed 2-3 times per day, while adult piranhas should be fed once every other day. It’s highly recommended that you clean up the leftovers 4-5 hours after you are done eating. If you don’t, the food will rot and pollute the water, making your job at keeping up the aquarium that much harder. Doing this will be sure you aren’t constantly doing water changes.

One more thing to bear in mind is that when you get your piranhas, they might refuse to eat. This is common. Sometimes they simply need a few days, even a week or so, to adjust to their new environment. The same goes when introducing new food.

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