4 Common Soil Problems and Solutions

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If you’re experiencing trouble with your newly planted or transplanted landscaping trees, it could be due to poor soil conditions. It’s very important to soil to retain the correct pH levels so as to be conducive to tree growth and ongoing wellness. Keep on reading to learn about the top 4 most frequent soil issues, including what you can do about them.

Too much clay in your dirt will come with some issues. It hinders water penetration, or at least slows it down dramatically, which means that tree and shrub roots cannot get sufficient amounts of water. Unfortunately, it takes anywhere from 5 to 10 years to completely do away with this issue, but start by eliminating 6 inches of clay, and then filling the bottom with a couple inches of quality compost soil. Then continue by planting your tree or tree on top.

Does soil compaction decrease the structural integrity of your own dirt, it prevents adequate water penetration. It’s often caused by constant pressure through the years from heavy objects like sheds, playgrounds, and concrete patios, in addition to, repetitive foot traffic and motor vehicles. To relieve this issue, increase the frequency of hollow tine aeration. If your situation is severe, you may need to rip up the soil. As soon as you’ve a new foundation of fresh quality top soil to work with, consider installing pavers or flagstones to ease heavy traffic.

Extremely hard soil is very tough to cultivate. If you can’t dig up enough to create a suitable hole for planting, you can not plant anything at all. To help ease the struggle of hard-to-dig dirt, you might need to have a secondary irrigation water stubbed into the yard, followed by installing a temporary hose bib into the stubbed secondary water. If this is not feasible, culinary water practices may be your best choice to moisten soil.

Rocky Soil

The only thing worse than soil that’s too difficult or compact is dirt with too many rocks. Although suitable for trees and plants, it can be quite tough to work with. Digging, Wildlife Removal Gainesville FL, nurturing, and much more are made more difficult if there’s a presence of extra rocks and gravel. TO help this problem, you can opt to use raised garden beds or add a new level of fresh top soil (at least 6 inches for best results).

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